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This month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Gwen from Love Aunty Amy for her #babebehindthebusiness blog series.  I was so honoured to be asked and I hope you enjoy reading it and finding out a little bit more about me and Little Bean Organics.

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Meeting Kristina – The Babe Behind The Business Little Bean Organics

I am constantly amazed by the wonderful women who are often mums, rocking the business world from their kitchen table. They are so dedicated and passionate about what they are doing and are building beautiful brands that are recognised for their quality and beauty.

From my first Instagram DM with Kristina, I loved her friendly professionalism and efficiency. She and I have exchanged DM’s at very odd hours on more than one occasion and her love for her business comes through in everything that she does.

I am extremely excited to be sharing with you a little more about Kristina, #thebabebehindthebusiness Little Bean Organics.

Thank you so much for being part of our #thebabebehindthebusiness blog series! Can you tell us a little about you, your family and your business?

Thanks Gwen, I was so honoured you asked me to be a part of it so it’s an absolute pleasure.

I’m a mama to two little girls, Harper Rose, 3, and Bella Ivy who turned 1 last month and wife to Ryan who I met when I was 9 years old! We haven’t been together since then don’t worry but we have been together for 17 years and married for 9 next month.  We’re both originally from the UK but we moved to Sydney together just after we got married and have never looked back. In my spare time (what’s that?) I love yoga, scuba diving, paddle boarding and just relaxing with my friends and family.

We took over Little Bean Organics in 2015 when Harper was 1.  Being a new mum I was obsessed with all things baby and wanted to find something that would allow me to stay at home with my daughter and still pay the mortgage (the holy grail right) and Ryan studied Fashion Design at Uni so it seemed like a great fit.  Once I went on maternity leave with Bella I finally found the time to focus on growing the business and driving it forward and I’m absolutely loving it.  It’s such a change from my background in the corporate world in the best way!  I love that I get to be creative and that I’m creating something for myself and my family. It’s such hard work but so rewarding to see how it’s grown in such a short space of time.  Seeing our designs on so many beautiful babies is such an honour and I am so grateful to everyone that supports our business.

Kristina’s beautiful daughters, Bella (wearing the Believe Short Sleeve Onesie) and Harper.

Little Bean Organics has some amazing prints and styles. I REALLY love your latest Ocean Breeze print from the Ocean Child range. Do you design them yourself?

Thank you so much, I’m so proud of the Ocean Child Range, it was a real labour of love for Ryan and I as we wanted to design something that really reflected who we are.  We absolutely love the ocean, we grew up on the coast and now live in Bondi, we both love sailing, scuba diving and the beach so it seemed like such a natural choice for our new range.

Yes, we do design the fabric and styles ourselves.  I can’t take credit for the graphics but once we find an image we love we work with a graphic designer to alter it to fit what we want and then we create the repeat and choose the colour to create the fabric print.  The styles are all designed by my husband and I at home.  We’ve added quite a few new styles into this release including our embroidered frill sleeves, our “Seas the Day” Tees and our long sleeve dresses for winter.  So far, the release has been really well received which is such an amazing feeling and I’m just so thankful for all the support.

What is your favourite piece from your range at the moment?

I am a little bit obsessed with long sleeve onesies.  They are just such an essential piece I think, especially for winter, they’re so comfortable for bubs to wear, which is my number one concern when dressing my own children, they keep them lovely and warm and they can be worn with literally anything!  With leggings, layered under rompers with a pair of tights, under dresses so that a favourite summer item can transition into autumn and winter or, my personal favourite combo (and obsession), with a pair of knee high socks.  The list is endless!  With that in mind I’d have to say my favourite items (I can’t just pick one I’m afraid) are our Tropical Bloom long sleeve onesie and our white long sleeve embroidered frill sleeve onesie, which is part of our new collaboration with Hugo and Co.  I have kept a couple of each of these for Bella with the socks from the collab and she just wears them ALL the time, with so many different outfits, they really are so versatile.

The other item I really love is our Ocean Breeze zip up onesie, again I love it because it’s so comfortable for bubs to wear and keeps them completely covered, which is perfect now that winter’s here but I also just adore the print and I think it looks so striking on this particular piece.

You have JUST launched a new onesie in collaboration with River’s Gift, Australia’s leading SIDS research funding organisation, to help raise both awareness and funds for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Congratulations! How did this project come together?

Thank you so much, It’s such a privilege to have been involved in this project.

It came about when Alex from River’s Gift approached me at the beginning of this year looking to purchase some of our onesies to resell to raise money for SIDS research.

This charity was started by Alex and her husband after they lost their own beautiful son, River, to SIDS in 2011 and it just struck such a cord with me.  It’s just so heartbreaking to imagine that loss but then to pick yourself up and do something so amazing in his name I just thought was so incredible and I wanted to do whatever I could to help.

We spoke on the phone about what she wanted to achieve, which was to raise funding for SIDS research of course but also the promotion of safe sleep guidelines for Infants to help reduce rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  I felt that the best way to achieve that was to do a custom design for her that really got that message across and so that’s what we did.  It was very much a collaborative project.  Their mascot is an elephant so we drew influence from that and incorporated an elephant into the design, we’ve also included their logo on the onesie on the front and back so it’s an exclusive design just for them. Onesies are only available from River’s Gift and are $24.95 with free postage from now until 2 July 2017. To order, email  It was a long process but so worthwhile and so exciting to see it all come together and have the onesies as a finished product with the Charity, ready to start being sold to raise some funds for such an important and worthwhile cause.

The onesie designed for River’s Gift

 What (or who) are your biggest influences in life?

Definitely my family. My girls are just so full of life and energy, it’s such a great reminder of why I’m doing it and what’s important.

If your children learn one thing from you, what do you want that to be?

My favourite quote is “have courage and be kind”.  I’d love to think that’s what I’m teaching them.  To be tolerant of people’s differences and to always treat people with respect and kindness and to have courage to pursue their dreams so that even when they’re faced with setbacks they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep going.  I never would have thought 2 years ago that I’d be here, running my own business and doing something for myself that I really love but here I am!  It’s not all been smooth sailing but I’ve kept going and it’s finally starting to pay off.  It’s amazing what you can achieve if you just have a little courage and take a risk.

The Ocean Breeze Zip Up Onesie

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