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Ocean Breeze Wrap

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Organic cotton baby wrap

Ideal for swaddling or using as a light blanket our organic baby wraps are made from GOT’S certified organic cotton which is breathable and hypoallergenic. This means our organic cotton baby wraps will keep your little bean super comfortable and the fabric will not cause any irritation or rashes on sensitive skin.

Our organic cotton baby essentials are for the everyday baby and are versatile enough to used as a wrap, light blanket, breastfeeding cover or pram cover. For swaddling one of our beautifully soft organic cotton bodysuits is a perfect option to pop under the wrap which ensures your little ones stays snug all night.

Baby clothing manufactured from conventional clothing is produced from various chemically produced fiber’s with added chemical dyes, formaldehyde resins, perfumes, and other toxic treatments.

Non organic cotton crops are one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world and are sprayed with a mix of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides then during the production process the fabric is usually bleached, dyed and treated with softeners, formaldehydes, fire retardants, wrinkle and soil guard chemicals. Unfortunately these chemicals do not magically disappear from the garment by the time it reaches your home and can result in eczema, skin irritation and/or a range of other ill health issues.

It’s our mission to make organic cotton as affordable as we possibly can so no mum has to be financially blocked from choosing organic cotton for their little bean.

By choosing Little Bean Organics you are helping us fulfil this mission. Thank you x